Chronicles Live

Chronicles Live

2 Seasons

Casual livestream event (1 per month), including raw trading documentation from TMC's founder, and insightful trader interviews to give different perspectives.

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Chronicles Live
  • Chronicles LIVE - The Evolution of Irek’s Life & Work

    Episode 1

    This in-depth and intimate 3 hour interview (hosted by Jonny Godfrey) was themed around all the different stages of Irek Piekarski's life. Jonny dug deep into Irek's early childhood experiences, his current life and what it looks like now, and also what Irek sees and desires for his future.


  • Chronicles LIVE - Get to Know 7 Year Trading Veteran Jakub Prymicz

    Episode 2

    In this 2 hour interview (hosted by Irek Piekarski) we learned all about TMC's newest Trading Coach, Jakub Prymicz. We learned about Jakub's 7-year trading career, how he's incorporated peak performance into his life, and what he sees in his future.

    Main discussion points:
    - Overview of who Jaku...

  • Chronicles Live - The Seven Figure Shift With Kris Daunys

    Episode 3

    In this 90 minute interview (hosted by Jonny Godfrey) we learned all about TMC veteran Trading Coach, Kris Daunys. We learned about Kris’s 7-year trading career, starting at age 15, his upbringing in Lithuania, how he got started in trading and his journey to now trading over 7 figures of externa...

  • Chronicles LIVE - The Wife of a Trader With Molly Piekarski

    Episode 4

    This 2 hour interview featured a special guest, Irek's wife, Molly Piekarski. We learned what Irek's trading journey was like from Molly's perspective, how she felt in the beginning stages, and what it's like navigating the ups and downs as a couple whilst being fully committed to constant evolut...

  • Chronicles LIVE - Life by Design with Full-time Trader Efren Rios

    Episode 5

    In this 1.5 hour interview (hosted by Irek Piekarski) we learned all about full-time TMC Trader, Efren Rios, and his brother Carlos. We learned how their trading journey first began, their evolution with Trading MasterClass over the years, and the driving 'why' behind their inspired mission.


  • Chronicles LIVE - The Next Decade

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Irek gave a full debrief on how his trading plans and investment approaches evolved over the past year and what his plan is going forward, for the next decade.

    Main discussion points:
    - Update on Irek’s trading personalities, his investment accounts, and the innovation space i...

  • Chronicles LIVE - Different Levels to Life & Trading With Irek & Kris

    Episode 7

    This is a casual 2 hour interview/discussion between Irek Piekarski, founder of TMC, and Kris Daunys, Community Manager of TMC.

    Main discussion points:

    - Backstory on how and when Kris first got into trading + TMC
    - Popularity and growth of retail trading over the past few years
    - Social circle...

  • Chronicles LIVE - Alicja Doesn’t Want Normal, She Wants Magic

    Episode 7

    In this inspiring 2 hour interview we learned all about Funded Day Trader, Alicja Matuszkiewicz, from Poland. We learned how Alicja’s trading journey first began, her evolution with Trading MasterClass, and how she incorporates “magic” into her every day life. She also gave some important insight...

  • Chronicles LIVE - The Importance of Knowing Yourself with Amy Sangster

    Episode 9

    This value-packed 2 hour interview featured a special guest and good friend of Irek’s, Amy Sangster! Amy was initially responsible for introducing Irek to the world of trading 10 years ago (through her prior business, Infinite Prosperity). Amy started to trade currencies in her early 20s, and tau...

  • Chronicles LIVE - How to Become a Successful Prop Firm Trader with Luke Lawson

    Episode 10

    This inspiring 2.5 hour interview features full-time prop firm trader & resident of beautiful Bali, Luke Lawson! Luke shared a ton of powerful wisdom and advice from his 8-year trading journey - including many tips & tricks on how to become a Funded Prop Firm Trader.

    Main discussion points:
    - Lu...

  • Chronicles LIVE - Your Job is to Show Up with Jakub Prymicz

    Episode 11

    This 2 hour conversation between Irek Piekarski, founder of TMC, and Jakub Prymicz, TMC’s Success Coach, was focused on “SHOWING UP” and what that means for you as a trader.

    Main discussion points:

    - Making sacrifices
    - Massive commitment
    - Mental fortitude
    - Self-development
    - Prioritizing tra...