Chronicles Live

Chronicles Live

3 Episodes

Casual livestreams where you’ll get to hang out with our traders, chat about interesting market developments, and get exclusive sneak peeks into what the TMC Team is working on behind the scenes. These livestreams will happen spontaneously throughout the month.

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Chronicles Live
  • Chronicles LIVE - Trading Dual Personalities & the Intro to Micro-timeframes

    Irek kicked off Chronicles LIVE with an introductory session focused on 'trading dual personalities & micro-timeframes'.

    These sessions are meant to provide you with a glimpse into Irek's thought processes, his development of different trading plans / personalities, and a behind-the-scenes look ...

  • Chronicles LIVE - Project Sonic and the Million Dollar Challenge

    This livestream session with Irek was focused on 3 main topics:
    - Update on Project Sonic
    - Irek’s personal work routine
    - 2021 TMC Million Dollar Challenge

    These sessions provide a documentation of Irek's thought processes, his development of different trading plans and personalities, and a beh...

  • Chronicles LIVE - How Can I Increase My Edge?

    In this session Irek gave an update on Project Sonic and the micro-timeframe Trading Plan that he's been developing (which is currently in the final refinement stages).

    The major theme of this session was... "How can I increase my edge?"

    These livestreams provide a documentation of Irek's thoug...