Coaching Calls

Coaching Calls

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Monthly group coaching sessions, including advanced trading lectures and open Q&As to help you grow exponentially.

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Coaching Calls
  • Coaching Call - Expansion of Self

    Episode 1

    During this 2.5 hour livestream event, Irek digs deep into personal development, and the importance of ‘Knowing Yourself’.

    Book recommendations and various resources/exercises for expansion of self are provided.

    Originally aired on Sept 18, 2020.

  • Coaching Call - Level Up Your Performance Review

    Episode 2

    During the first half of this coaching call, Irek presented a new tool/process (still in beta-mode) for conducting performance reviews.

    The second half included an open Q&A dealing with advanced topics relating to:

    - how to avoid over-trading
    - gaining the confidence (technically) to go full ti...

  • Coaching Call - Refining Your Trading Plans

    Episode 3

    This Coaching Call predominantly focused on the structure and creation of individual trading plans.

    The first hour consisted of a lesson by Irek on the major categories that each trading plan should have, and the various options that one can consider (for each of those respective categories) res...

  • Coaching Call - Becoming Legends

    Episode 4

    The final coaching call of 2020 lasted for 2.5 hours and had a heavy focused on peak performance + trader mindset... ‘what it takes to become a legend’.

    During the first half, Irek shared different perspectives, insights, and wisdom from his own trading journey- which has been 10 years in the ma...

  • Coaching Call - Big Enough Reason

    Episode 5

    This first Coaching Call of 2021 was an Open Q&A with Irek.

    The following was covered:
    - Create a big enough reason to succeed... the why, and conditioning
    - Irek's recent insights moving into 2021
    - Developing the trader mindset
    - Removing risk, and micro-timeframes

    Resource - Tony Robbin's Yo...

  • Coaching Call - Lifestyle Design

    Episode 6

    This monster 3-hour coaching session with Irek included an inspiring 1-hour discussion surrounding lifestyle design, followed by a 2-hour Open Q&A.

    The following was covered:
    - Designing potential timelines for your next 5 years
    - Preventing / identifying a missed trade
    - Adapting your routine ...

  • Coaching Call - Be Like Water

    Episode 7

    This coaching session with Irek included an Open Q&A focused on mindset and psychology. Irek encourages you to 'be like water' and become / flow with the (market) environment, instead of resisting it.

    The following was covered:

    - Taking accountability for your own trading performance + journey,...

  • Coaching Call - Fear or Joy... Choose

    Episode 8

    This Coaching Call with Irek included an Open Q&A focused on the following:

    - Trade breakdown -- USDJPY - HTF CBO L from Apr 2021
    - Trade breakdown -- NZDCAD - HTF CBO S from Apr 2021
    - Multiple biases -- why trading your own plan & following your own approach is key
    - Handling negative emotions...

  • Coaching Call - Challenges Bring Catalysts For Change

    Episode 9

    This coaching session with Jonny included an Open Q&A focused on technicals, mindset and psychology. The session started with a high level update on recent crypto developments, following a sharp 50%+ dump from all time highs.

    The following was covered:
    - Getting clarity on your trading personali...

  • Coaching Call - Constantly Evolving: Your Mind, Your Approach, Your Life

    Episode 10

    This Coaching Call with Irek included an Open Q&A on the following topics:

    - Refining strategy criteria (more discretion = more trades taken, more mechanical = less trades taken, more precise)
    - Dealing with the 'fear of missing out' in a community trading environment
    - Kieran's Day Trading Case...

  • Coaching Call - What Does It Take?

    Episode 11

    This Coaching Call with Irek included an Open Q&A on the following topics:

    - What does it take to hit a basic level of mastery, 10,000 hours
    - Why Wall St. works 12 hour days, 6 days a week
    - Irek's current daily trading routine
    - Peak performance
    - ACB Strategy mini-lesson with examples (mechan...