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Watch this video and more on Trading MasterClass Diamond


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Coaching Call - High Performance Coaching with Andy Williams

1h 56m

Up Next in Season 2

  • Coaching Call - Advanced Q&A for Sept...

    During this advanced Q&A, Jonny Godfrey addressed various trading + mindset related questions from the Trading MasterClass Diamond Community.

    Topics covered:
    - Advice for traders starting to gain traction and scale accounts to 6/7 figures
    - Thoughts on finding quality mentorship when scaling...

  • Coaching Call - Upgrade Your Identity

    This High Performance Coaching Session (Part 2) with Andy Williams included:

    - An overall focus on creation, expansion, growth
    - Building a deeper connection and commitment to self and to trading
    - Becoming a better human being in general
    - Recap of KPAs and KPIs
    - Universal mind, conscious mind...

  • Coaching Call - Hyper-Systemization

    This in-depth 3 hour coaching session with Irek Piekarski and the members of TMC Diamond was focused on hyper-systemization for the purposes of high-performance.

    How do we reach consistency? How do we then scale?

    We build the big system (the trading plan) but within that big system we have 5 sm...