16 Episodes

Originally aired in 2020. Series focuses on psychology, peak state, lifestyle, and more. Designed as supplemental learning to complement the technical aspect of trading.

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  • Evolve - Dealing with Greed & Fear

    Episode 1

    Jonny's first psychology-focused event of 2020 included a special keynote presentation on Greed & Fear.

    Learn how to keep your mindset in check so you can avoid (and act on) any psychological barriers that may be holding you back from success.

  • Evolve - Lifestyle of a Trader

    Episode 2

    In this event, Irek talks about his personal trading journey (which began back in 2012) and how he transitioned from one trading style to the next.

    This event beautifully showcases the possibilities of trading and the different lifestyles available.

  • Evolve - Value of Creating Time

    Episode 3

    Jonny kicked off this event with a brief discussion surrounding his personal trading journey, and some of the obstacles (and opportunities) he encountered throughout the years. Various questions from the community were also addressed, and some valuable tips and tricks were shared.

  • Evolve - How to Achieve Consistency

    Episode 4

    This event consisted of an Open Q&A with Irek, centred around the theme of ‘how to achieve consistency in trading’.

    Discussion points:
    - Transitioning to FT trading
    - R/R, strike rates
    - Capital partitioning
    - Stock splits / mergers
    - Monthly goal setting
    - Using leverage
    - Elliott Wave The...

  • Evolve - Q&A for February 2020

    Episode 5

    *** This event consists of audio-only ***

    During this Q&A session, Jonny addressed various trading related questions from the MasterClass Community.

    Some topics discussed were as follows:
    - Importance of journaling / self-review
    - Handling workload as a trader
    - Getting in the zone
    - Dealing wi...

  • Evolve - Perspective Shift

    Episode 6

    This action-packed event consisted of an Open Q&A where Irek spent 2 full hours addressing various questions from the Trading MasterClass Community.

    Discussion points:

    - Community participation
    - Criteria to join MC team
    - Importance of hobbies
    - Staying grounded
    - Irek’s typical day
    - Investin...

  • Evolve - Evolution of a Trader

    Episode 7

    In this episode of Evolve, Jonny discusses the evolution of a trader, going from student to full-time.

    Topics covered:
    - How do you learn best?
    - Basic foundation = essential
    - Don't be discouraged if you don't 'get it' the first time
    - Importance of being present and efficient
    - Live trading vs...

  • Evolve - Creating from Isolation

    Episode 8

    Most of us have experienced a shift in our daily lives as of late due to COVID-19. Our routines look a lot different today than they did just a month ago.

    During this episode of Evolve, Irek shared his thoughts on finding inspiration in times of chaos, and how you can effectively create from iso...

  • Evolve - Vicious Loops

    Episode 9

    In this episode of Evolve, Jonny dives deep into the concept of ‘vicious loops’. This is a situation where you constantly feel like you're taking 2 steps forward, 3 steps back and therefore not experiencing the growth you desire.

    Jonny provides real-life examples, trading-specific references, sp...

  • Evolve - Reverse Engineering Successful Trading

    Episode 10

    In this episode of Evolve (originally aired live), Jonny explains how to "reverse engineer successful trading", and the over-arching components involved.

    Main topics:
    • Foundation & advanced technical knowledge
    • Discipline
    • Patience
    • Strong mindset
    • Self-accountable
    • Forward thinking (evolu...

  • Evolve - Renewable Source of Inspiration

    Episode 11

    This 2hr+ episode of Evolve consisted of a live, Open Q&A covering a vast array of topics (technical, psychological, & lifestyle related).

    Irek shared many useful examples from his own personal life + trading career, including what his renewable source of inspiration is.

    - ABO criteria

  • Evolve - Deconstructing a Day Trade

    Episode 12

    In this episode, Irek highlighted the heavy day trading week that we just witnessed within the foreign exchange market.

    Because of the abundance of quick, short-term day trading opportunities, Irek took this time to break down the various phases of a day trade, and the options for managing both ...

  • Evolve - Private Victories

    Episode 13

    This 1.5-hour episode of Evolve consisted of a live, Open Q&A covering many technical, psychological, & lifestyle-related topics from the community:

    - Trading MasterClass principles
    - Trading other people's money
    - Self-accountability
    - Capital infusion
    - Importance of self-review
    - Life advice

  • Evolve - Q&A for July 2020

    Episode 14

    During this live stream Q&A session, Jonny addressed various trading + mindset related questions from the Trading MasterClass Community.

    Topics Covered:
    - Focus and concentration (how to be more efficient)
    - Account withdrawals/cash flow exercise
    - Dealing with emotional trading
    - Staying presen...

  • Evolve - Identify Your Trading Style

    Episode 15

    This interactive livestream event with Irek was all about identifying your trading style, and owning it!

    Discussion points:
    • Management approaches
    • Trading styles (day, swing, hybrid)
    • Trading plan creation
    • Backtesting for exposure, improvements
    • Self-accountability

  • Evolve - Adopting a Growth Mindset

    Episode 16

    In this livestream event, Jonny discusses the major differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset (and why it’s so important to cultivate the latter).

    Practical exercises, book recommendations, and real-life examples are provided.