• Coaching Call - What Does It Take?

    This Coaching Call with Irek included an Open Q&A on the following topics:

    - What does it take to hit a basic level of mastery, 10,000 hours
    - Why Wall St. works 12 hour days, 6 days a week
    - Irek's current daily trading routine
    - Peak performance
    - ACB Strategy mini-lesson with examples (mechan...

  • Insights - Is it all over?

    During this Insights episode, Jonny provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets (heavy focus on FX and Crypto).

    Main discussion points:
    - Update on open positions since early July 2021 running over +14% profit and breakdown of closed positions.
    - Update on the USD an...

  • Trading Blueprint

    5 seasons

    Learn how to craft an in-depth trading plan suited to your own unique style. Trading Blueprint will teach you how to build and continually refine your trading plans, as your skills and knowledge evolve. Own your style, trade your plan!

  • Evolve - Deconstructing a Day Trade

    In this episode, Irek highlighted the heavy day trading week that we just witnessed within the foreign exchange market.

    Because of the abundance of quick, short-term day trading opportunities, Irek took this time to break down the various phases of a day trade, and the options for managing both ...

  • Chronicles LIVE - A Conversation With My Younger Self

    In this session Jonny has a conversation with his younger self.

    He shares the most critical insights into the lessons he has learn’t over the years. Not only from personal experience but also as an observer of thousands of other traders.

    Originally aired live on Jul 1, 2021.