• Insights - Getting Ahead

    During this livestream event Irek provided a high-level technical overview of what's currently happening within the global markets (forex, equities, and cryptocurrency).

    He focused on the following, among other interesting developments:

    - New updates on the future of Insights and how we're gett...

  • Chronicles LIVE - How Can I Increase My Edge?

    In this session Irek gave an update on Project Sonic and the micro-timeframe Trading Plan that he's been developing (which is currently in the final refinement stages).

    The major theme of this session was... "How can I increase my edge?"

    These livestreams provide a documentation of Irek's thoug...

  • Evolve - Adopting a Growth Mindset

    In this livestream event, Jonny discusses the major differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset (and why it’s so important to cultivate the latter).

    Practical exercises, book recommendations, and real-life examples are provided.

  • Coaching Calls - Becoming Legends

    The final coaching call of 2020 lasted for 2.5 hours and had a heavy focused on peak performance + trader mindset... ‘what it takes to become a legend’.

    During the first half, Irek shared different perspectives, insights, and wisdom from his own trading journey- which has been 10 years in the ma...