• Insights - BTFD?

    During this livestream, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets.

    Main discussion points:
    - Discussion: Is it time to BTFD or will BTC continue lower?
    - ... BTC breaking out of ascending triangle to downside... HTF ABO?
    - ... But ETH is looking great for a ...

  • Trading Blueprint

    5 seasons

    Learn how to craft an in-depth trading plan suited to your own unique style. Trading Blueprint will teach you how to build and continually refine your trading plans, as your skills and knowledge evolve. Own your style, trade your plan!

  • Insights - The Roaring Twenties

    During this livestream, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets (heavy focus on US equities).

    Main discussion points:
    - Discussion: Are we entering the roaring twenties?
    - Overview of current open positions
    - BTC forming an ascending triangle, waiting for b...

  • Chronicles LIVE - The Full System: Proj Sonic, Proj Kryptos, & Proj Vision

    Irek provides a full update on his systemized approach, including the latest developments within Project Sonic, Project Kryptos, & Project Vision.

    This episode includes the initial documentation of Project Vision - the initial building phase - and Irek's approach to his investment portfolio over...

  • Coaching Call - Be Like Water

    This coaching session with Irek included an Open Q&A focused on mindset and psychology. Irek encourages you to 'be like water' and become / flow with the (market) environment, instead of resisting it.

    The following was covered:

    - Taking accountability for your own trading performance + journey,...

  • Insights - It’s Alt Season

    During this livestream event Jonny provided a high-level technical overview of what’s currently happening within the global markets (forex and cryptocurrency).

    He focused on the following, among other interesting developments:
    - Update on closed positions in FX and commodities from the past week...

  • Chronicles LIVE - The Irek & Jonny Experience

    This casual + intimate session with Irek & Jonny was themed around Jonny's trading journey from 2012 to present day.

    Discussion points:
    - When & how Jonny's trading journey began
    - Jonny's gaming + poker + wealth management background
    - Opinions on social media & virtual reality
    - Cycles of trad...