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Watch this video and more on Trading MasterClass Diamond


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Market Update (March 29, 2021)

Latest Episodes • 1h 12m

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  • Insights - Buy the Dips P2

    During this livestream, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets (heavy focus on US equities).

    Main discussion points:
    - Overview of current open positions
    - Overview of space exploration related plays in anticipation of ARKX ETF, plus overview on SPACs
    - Co...

  • Chronicles LIVE - The Irek & Jonny Ex...

    This casual + intimate session with Irek & Jonny was themed around Jonny's trading journey from 2012 to present day.

    Discussion points:
    - When & how Jonny's trading journey began
    - Jonny's gaming + poker + wealth management background
    - Opinions on social media & virtual reality
    - Cy...

  • Market Update (March 24, 2021)

    In today’s Market Update, Jonny covered the following:

    - Update on running live positions with over 10% profit running
    - Full forex and currencies watchlist breakdown with main opportunities needing further higher time frame development
    - Overview of recent crypto developments and the current se...