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Watch this video and more on Trading MasterClass Diamond


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Chronicles LIVE - The Flow of Money

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  • Market Update (Jul 28, 2021)

    In today’s Market Update, Irek covered the following:

    - Overview of recent positions
    - Overview of current watchlist and any new opportunities in forex, equities, and crypto since last Insights event, 'Crypto Volatility is Back'
    - An update on what's coming to TMC starting August 2021

    Recorded ...

  • Insights - Crypto Volatility is Back

    During this Insights recording, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets.

    Main discussion points: 

    - Overview of active positions/portfolio (0-35min)
    - A discussion on recent BTC and overall crypto breakout (3-17min)
    - Overview of the best setups in FX for t...

  • Coaching Call - What Does It Take?

    This Coaching Call with Irek included an Open Q&A on the following topics:

    - What does it take to hit a basic level of mastery, 10,000 hours
    - Why Wall St. works 12 hour days, 6 days a week
    - Irek's current daily trading routine
    - Peak performance
    - ACB Strategy mini-lesson with examples (me...