Trading Blueprint

Trading Blueprint

5 Seasons

Learn how to craft an in-depth trading plan suited to your own unique style. Trading Blueprint will teach you how to build and continually refine your trading plans, as your skills and knowledge evolve. Own your style, trade your plan!

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Trading Blueprint
  • Introduction

    In this introductory lesson, Irek provides an overview of the Trading Blueprint and explains how this in-depth process can dramatically improve your trading performance.

    After completion of the Blueprint, you should clearly understand your trading style + have a comprehensive, in-depth trading ...

  • Your Goals

    In this lesson, Irek discusses the importance of knowing what you are trying to achieve and why!

    Main discussion points:
    - Your goals
    - Time limitations
    - Manifestation

    Recommended exercise:
    - Morning visualization of desired lifestyle

  • Current Lifestyle

    This lesson is all about analyzing and optimizing your current lifestyle to ensure peak performance is being met!

    Main discussion points:
    - How to optimize current lifestyle
    - Questions to ask yourself
    - Trading time commitment

    Recommended exercise:
    - Optimize current lifestyle & craft proper...

  • Psychological Blockages

    In this lesson, Irek walks you through how to identify and eliminate psychological blockages (i.e. limiting beliefs) that may be holding you back from reaching success.

    Examples of societal & personal limiting beliefs:
    - Life is a battleground
    - Life is happening to me, not for me
    - I am at ...

  • Reflecting on Trading History

    This lesson is all about reflecting on your past trading history & journey.

    This is a general reflection to bring forth awareness and is not meant to be a technical exercise (the technical exercise will take place within the “Journal Review” section of this program).

    Recommended exercise:
    - ...

  • Personal Development Journey

    This lesson is all about personal development!

    What are you currently doing to expand your mind and your life?

    Main discussion points:
    - General reflection
    - Tools & resources
    - Find what works for you
    - Create your personal reality

    Book recommendations:
    - Manifest Your Destiny (Wayne Dye...