Trading Blueprint

Trading Blueprint

5 Seasons

Learn how to craft an in-depth trading plan suited to your own unique style. Trading Blueprint will teach you how to build and continually refine your trading plans, as your skills and knowledge evolve. Own your style, trade your plan!

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Trading Blueprint
  • Data Collection

    In this lesson, Irek explains which trading data is important for you to collect, how to input the data into your journal, and what you can do with it from a performance-related standpoint. Irek uses an example of a journal from a trader he personally mentored back in 2019.

  • Journal Review

    During this lesson, you will be able to observe exactly how Irek performs an in-depth journal review. 14 trades are analyzed and fully broken down during this lesson, showing where the errors in analysis were and how the actual execution could have been improved.

  • Major Lessons

    After performing an in-depth journal review, Irek then takes all of the trade data and begins to identify the major performance flaws and the most important lessons that need to be addressed. These important findings will be used to craft the rules and guidelines for the actual Trading Plan (whic...

  • Irek's Insights

    In this lesson, Irek shares some invaluable insights he’s gained from working with many different traders in the past.