Trading MasterClass

Trading MasterClass

24 Seasons

Self-paced course, suitable for all levels, includes 5 clearly defined technical trading strategies + 3 risk management techniques. Applicable to various financial markets including forex, equities, and cryptocurrency.

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Trading MasterClass
  • Indicators

    Episode 19

    In this lesson, Irek takes you through the most important indicators that we will focus on throughout the Trading MasterClass program. Irek’s philosophy when it comes to trading indicators is ‘less is more’. But there are a few you’ll utilize on a daily basis. They are as follows:

    50EMA, 20EMA...

  • Support & Resistance

    Episode 20

    In this lesson, you’ll learn about support and resistance levels, specifically horizontal lines and trend lines (which are diagonal). Unlike the moving averages, we talked about in the previous lesson, these horizontal lines and trend lines are static, and not dynamic. You actually have to plot t...

  • Candlestick Formations

    Episode 21

    In order to successfully trade the MasterClass strategies, you’ll only need to focus on the following candlestick formations:
    – Bearish / bullish engulfing
    – High-test / low-test
    – Hammer / inverted hammer
    – Tweezer top / tweezer bottom
    – Inside bar
    – Doji

  • Deceleration & Consolidation

    Episode 21

    It’s very important to understand what deceleration is, and also what consolidation looks like. 9 times out of 10 we need some sort of deceleration to be present in the market before executing a trade… deceleration is a signal that price may be turning around (i.e. price was accelerating to the u...

  • Market Conditions

    Episode 23

    In this lesson, trending and ranging markets are explained. A trending market is indicative of price moving up or down (creating runs and pullbacks), whereas a ranging market moves sideways without any clear direction. It’s very important to identify the difference between the two market conditi...

  • Fibonacci Retracement

    Episode 24

    The Fibonacci Retracement tool is something that you will utilize in your analysis every day. It’s used for planning entries, stops and even targets. What the retracement tool actually does, is assisting us to measure the potential pullback within a run. 

Fibonacci (also known as the golden rati...

  • Fibonacci Extension

    Episode 25

    The Fibonacci Extension tool is utilized to measure the actual run within a trending market (as opposed to the retracement tool, which measures the pullback). In this lesson, you’ll learn how to set up Fibonacci Extension and see examples as to how to apply the tool to your charts.