Trading MasterClass

Trading MasterClass

24 Seasons

Self-paced course, suitable for all levels, includes 5 clearly defined technical trading strategies + 3 risk management techniques. Applicable to various financial markets including forex, equities, and cryptocurrency.

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Trading MasterClass
  • Intro to Multi-timeframe Analysis

    Episode 1

    When you only focus on one or two timeframes in trading, you’re just scratching the surface and only exposing yourself to the ‘tip of the iceberg’. Adding multi-timeframe analysis into the mix gives you a broader perspective, and adds more confluence to your trading.

  • Explanation of Multi-timeframe Analysis

    Episode 2

    In this lesson, we’ll dig deeper into multi-timeframe analysis and see it in action. Irek will show you examples on the charts, so you can begin to understand how the lower timeframes will confirm/develop the higher timeframes (and vice versa).

  • Deceleration & Consolidation using Multi-timeframe Analysis

    Episode 3

    Let’s take it up a notch in this lesson and talk about deceleration and consolidation using multi-timeframe analysis. We already know the difference between deceleration (price slowing down around S/R after accelerating) and consolidation (price continues to move sideways at S/R for an extended p...

  • Candlestick Formations using Multi-timeframe Analysis

    Episode 4

    In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to confirm reversal candlestick formations using multi-timeframe analysis. We already know what reversal candlesticks look like from the previous lesson, but we only looked at them using one timeframe. Now we will incorporate multi-timeframe analysis and ...