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Watch this video and more on Trading MasterClass Diamond


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Deceleration & Consolidation using Multi-timeframe Analysis

Trading MasterClass • 22m

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    In this lesson, you’ll learn what day trading is, it’s characteristics, and who it’s suitable for. Day trading can be considered more of a full-time trading approach.

  • Discretion

    Many traders use discretion the wrong way. Trading is all about following certain rules, principles, and strategies. The majority of what we teach in Trading MasterClass is very mechanical and straight to the point (with minimal discretion), however, discretion can be applied in certain cases and...

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    In this lesson, Irek explains why the 1% rule is the most important risk management technique that we have within Trading MasterClass. Oftentimes traders will blow their entire accounts because they risk too much. Follow the 1% rule that Irek explains in this lesson, and only scale up to 2% risk ...